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The Bench with host Dillon McKeen highlights incredible athletes from all around the Reno-Tahoe area. The Bench goes behind-the-scenes with local athletes, getting to know not only their story, but their sport as well. Tune in to the Lake Tahoe Newsline for The Bench every Saturday between 9A and 10A and 4P to 5P on KAME MY21!

In this episode of The Bench, Dillon heads to George Whittell High School to interview senior Michele Barnes, a volleyball player. Throughout this episode, Michele talks about her volleyball career and gives advice to future high school players. Michele also teaches Dillon the art of a proper volleyball pass.

In this episode of The Bench, Dillon heads to Incline High School to interview soccer superstar Danny. Throughout this episode, Danny talks about what inspires him to stay in the game of soccer. Then later in the episode, Danny and his teammate Victor teach Dillon some of their signature soccer moves.

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In this episode of The Bench, Dillon introduces Sinead Danagher, a ski racer from Sugar Bowl Academy. Sinead talks about her training, her goals for the season and even her future plans of attending Harvard University and skiing at a D-1 Level. Later in the episode, Daron Rahlves talks about catching "the bug" of skiing.

In this episode of The Bench, Dillon heads to Carson High School to interview soccer player Peter Garrett. Peter talks about how he has been selected to play for the All-American Soccer team in North Carolina. Peter also discusses how he left all other sports behind to pursue his love for the game of soccer.